Why does Human Resources Matter anyways?

Welcome to the world of Human Resources from a Y generation stand point.  I will be blogging about varies topics in the Human Resource Management field. From broad to specific issues. Within the industry there are constant compliance issues companies face along with guiding managers, organization, administrative duties and hiring the right people that make Human Resources such a vital role in any company. I hope to add a sense of support for these industry professionals and others as we often have unanswered questions and do not know where to start in problem solving.

I believe in ethics, using the right technology and creating a fair environment for employees in the work place, this can be done with the correct talent in the heart of an HR department. I will focus on these concepts while providing insights from my experiences, training and observations within the industry.

The great thing about Human Resources is that help is always just around the corner, from a simple google search or hiring the right consultants for your company. Within my posts I hope I can offer a view point from the emerging generation as we move into Executive level positions. I have noticed many view points on social media regarding the changes in business and a lot of those changes are becoming part of Human Resources as generational changes evolve.

Please stay tuned for why technology is important in Human Resources, why we must hire good candidates cost effectively, and why practicing Corporate Social Responsibly should be a top priority. A piece of the puzzle would be missing from company operations if we do not invest in an effective HR department.