Talent and Resume Motivation

Finding talent for your organization is so important. Sometimes we just get lucky, because there is no way to predict someone’s loyalty, morals and integrity in the seriousness they feel towards their job or career. 

This is one reason motivating employee’s is so important. Once that is lost the talent is lost. You just have a worker at this point. Most likely doing just enough to keep their head above water, but you’re not seeing a shining star. Management, this is the time to take a look at yourself. 

Aside from this, our best chances are finding good talent. Some do multiple interviews, some do testing, but what I feel is important is to simply start with someone’s resume. How much work have they put into it? Is it correctly formatted? THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. More often than not, a correctly formatted resume means pride. 

So, you have graduated college? Great, that needs to be last on your resume now, a simple rule that most do now follow. So many times I see incorrect resume layouts. Little things can be indicative of your brand, and work ethic. A perfect resume is really the first step to knowing the personality of someone. 

Shine the edges of your experiences as a true candidate, and employer’s please look for this. Anyone can use google to write a good resume and when someone does it correctly, take an extra look at them. They either took a lot of time or had professional help. There is no shame in obtaining help in this world.

Just my two cents today on Resumes, Motivation and Talent.


One thought on “Talent and Resume Motivation”

  1. Hi Shaz, Glad to see you’ve got the blog up and running again. I’ve been reading a book called Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock, and what I found interesting is how much data and evidence Google is using to make choices for their HR department. Here is a link to the book http://amzn.to/2g7reWZ.

    Anyway your post made me question if there is any evidence that hires who place their education last on their resume perform better?

    Hope things are well.


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