No ethics and morals, anyways?

One thing in business I cannot stand is when someone has no morals or ethics to make a fix, follow the law or correct issues. In HR this is what I strive to do to create organizational development in a positive light. It’s so important to follow the law and make morally correct choices for the stability and caring attitude towards employees. A lot of managers do not follow this idea, but the power of HR allows me to help make sure it is followed.

I’m always baffled at the positions some hold in companies; how did they get there with the way that they problem solve, lack of teamwork and the way they treat others? And then of course when I look deeper, I start to see that there are always problems within the direct department of the managers that simply should not be managing who make choices based on lack of education and lack of morals.

My goal is never to be the bad manager. My goal is to be the leader, the work place go to and the helper. Often organizations fail because there is a lack of leadership, employee’s worth higher salaries are paid the minimum and do not have an incentive to stay and create longevity, and judgement passed based on age instead of talent.

I surly cannot be the only one that sees these problems within companies, but if there is one thing I can do is try to create a striving work force for companies I work for. I can make sure the culture is up to equality and there is no bullying. This is my goal and plan with this blog as well, I hope I have passed on my educational tactics that I have learned and my insights to my experiences as I continue to write for those in the HR field. We have to start with a moral and follow along to help others strive to be the best they can be.

Until next time,


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