Importance of keeping all data in your HR system updated and consistent, anyways.

I have used multiple HR systems that collect data for all employees, information for EEOC reporting, etc. Most of them work about the same; however, some are more powerful than others. I would like to take just a few minutes out of your day to explain why having consistent data really matters when you enter new employee’s information into your system. It all comes down to nice and effective reporting from payroll to audit to internal analysis.

These days in HR we have the ability to run a report using our HR systems, if you do not have this ability it is time to upgrade your system! So how are these reports generated? The ability to have  clean, updated and analyzable data that is in a good format comes from the way data is entered into the system.

W hat you enter into you HR system is what pulls on report. Therefore, the employee this task falls on in your department should have in their skill sets the ability to be detailed originated. Also, make sure you are entering the same data for each employee. The more data your HR system will allow you to input the better your reports will be.

Create a check list of what needs to be input each time you add a new employee, send out memos for updating address and contact information and have a procedure for making sure all data is complete. This will help ensure effectiveness in reporting, especially if you have a big company. Simply put when data is a mess, your HR department is not doing its due diligence to keep clean and correct data resulting in effective reporting and record keeping.

This seems like it would be common sense, but all too often data can become a mess. This is why I recommend a check list and procedure for each and every person entered into you system. It will make report pulling so much better for you and your company!

My video is coming soon!



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