Try to always use positive influences in the work place anyways, no matter who does not agree

Sharing knowledge and lifting people up with encouragement and easing their minds is what I do on a daily basis aside from administrative tasks. I want everyone to be on the lookout for my about me video coming to you this week. As I created the video I realized even more what I stand for in the HR community and the value I want to share and who I want to be as a professional in the industry. I really believe in organizational development, because no company or organization is perfect and we can always make improvements.

I will not give away how I personally create organizational development using Human Resource Management until you watch my video, but what I have come to realize is that there is usually a few small things that are not working when a firm is failing, and these turn into bigger issues as time goes on. Organization, tools to do your job and support are all needed. Because HR allows me to have relationships with all departments I get to interject my knowledge and talent throughout entire organizations, which is so rewarding!

What other departments get to do this? We play a vital role in HR and I take it seriously. I get to lead all different departments from ideas in Marketing to ideas with IT. Therefore, I find it so important to educate yourself and be well rounded in any industry you work in. People call us for answers and advice on the daily and we assume the tasks of employee relations, therefore we need to know what we can offer and educate ourselves on what we lack knowledge in.

I will give away that I am here to teach and learn from those around me as well, I think this is the key to teamwork and the key to creating a driven organization. However, it’s hard to find people who hold value, teamwork and morals; not everyone thinks this way, but in HR we get the ability to influence positive change and outcomes.

Please stay tuned!



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