The struggle of leading based on age, how HR can help this idea anyways.

I always find it so delightful to have those “older” than me learn from me. I assure you our way is fast and easy, and we grew up with computers so we are tech savvy and will help! The reason this is important is because I am also willing to have someone “older” or “younger” than me teach me as well. As an underlying theme of my blog I talk about this a lot. It is what creates something called teamwork. No matter where, what, when and how, we need teamwork.

In HR I must self-teach myself every day, but I assure you what makes a great leader is also a person who is willing to be taught by all walks of life. We can learn from books, experiences and from other people. Notice I say PEOPLE and not elders or younger peers, I mean all people who cross our paths. When you walk in your office on Monday morning, please learn from those around you. No one knows it all.

I try to practice this daily, within employee relations I give insights to this concept. You may be an EVP, but that does not mean you cannot learn from an entry level employee. We have to really grasp and lead managers and employee’s to understand this and accept it. Judging on my own statistical data, when I am explaining this concept the ones who listen and take it in are the great leaders, the ones who do not engage are those struggling.

Can anyone describe  how they feel on the topic? Has an HR person ever explained this concept to you?



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