The Positive of HR, is there any, anyways? Why I love what I do.

Of course! I am usually wrapped around a project, audit, or issue in HR. Or just plain busy doing the best I can do to be efficient and effective and have the best possible HR environment and department. However, there are so many rewarding things that come from this industry that often do not get the attention they deserve. I have two main positives that help me keep my motivation to innovate and just be the best I can be daily.

The employee’s: It is so rewarding to be able to influence, lead and help others from all generations in this department/industry. I am blessed to be able to meet people from all walks of life who get to share with me a piece of their stories. I am here to stick up for them, make sure there is no discrimination happening and to lead or help them be best they can be.

I am also here to help make sure their minds are at ease with their insurance, payroll and any other issues administrative or personal that they may be enduring. I find peace in leaving my office each day knowing I made a positive impact and help keep cohesion within an organization. They might think they need me, but really I need them.

The use of education within my career: I have always said that doing a job teaches better than a degree. However, as I come within two weeks of graduating from the Executive MBA program at the University of Nevada, Reno.It is time for me to reflect on this amazing, hard and irreplaceable amount of knowledge I have captured!

I will forever be able to use this knowledge to better a department, organization and myself. The intense analysis taught in this program has given me tools to help the ways I approach situations, the ways I problem solve and the ways that I make decisions. It all comes down to a two year intensive program that trained me to be effective in every aspect of my job and a firm:

  1. Statistics for Decision Making
  2. Production/Operations Management
  3. Financial Reporting and Analysis
  4. Management and Organizational Science
  5. Economics of the Firm
  6. Financial Management
  7. Marketing Management
  8. Seminar Managerial Accounting
  9. Personal Branding
  10. Managing Organizations in a Global Economy
  11. Information and Communications Technology in Organizations
  12. Strategic Management for Executives

HR is there to help an organization thrive and because I have the tools to evaluate all aspects of an organization, I have found my passion, leading effectively and making good decisions. Therefore, it is rewarding to guide employees within my career and I feel the positive effects of the change I am able to make on a daily basis. I wasn’t born with every aspect of being a perfect HR professional, it has been a development. Through the extremely busy work day, I feel these positive vibes!





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